(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
1. (quality of agreement) agreement, accord, accordance, rapport (Fr.); unison, harmony, concord, concordance, coincidence, concert; affinity; conformity, conformance; consonance, consistency, congruity, keeping; congeniality; correspondence, apposition, union. See rightness, unity.
2. (state of agreement) unanimity, common consent, acclamation, chorus; vox populi, public opinion; the silent majority; consent, assent, concurrence, cooperation, consensus.
3. (quality of agreeing) fitness, aptness, aptitude, applicability, appropriateness, felicity; coaptation, propriety, compatibility; cognation (See relation); right person, woman, or man in the right place; very thing; decorum, just the thing.
4. (state of being made to agree) adaptation, adjustment, accommodation, reconciliation, coordination, regulation, harmonization. See preparation.
5. (result of agreement) compact, contract, pact, bargain, meeting of minds, covenant, bond; convention, undertaking; treaty, entente [cordiale], league, alliance; nonagression pact; collective agreement, union or wage contract; understanding, bargain; gentlemen's agreement.
6. (indication of agreement) signing, signature, handshake; promise; negotiation, execution, enforcement, implementation, observance.
1. (be in agreement) agree, accord, concur, harmonize, get along, get on; consent, assent; correspond, tally, go with, go together; meet, befit; fall in with, chime in with, fit [right] in, square with, comport with; dovetail, fit like a glove, lend itself to; get together, match, become one; close ranks; see eye to eye, be of one mind, have a meeting of minds, come to an agreement. Informal, jibe, check. See similarity.
2. fit, suit, adapt, tailor, accommodate, reconcile, adjust, tweak; [fine-] tune; harmonize, reconcile; dovetail, square. Informal, do the trick, fill the bill.
3. (make an agreement) contract, covenant; subcontract, outsource; engage (See promise); stipulate; make or come to terms, settle, strike a bargain, come to an understanding; negotiate, bargain, sit down with; sign, shake hands, formalize, strike a bargain; execute, make, carry out, implement, enforce, observe; honor more in the breach than in the observance.
1. (being in agreement) agreeing, suiting, in accord, accordant, concordant, consonant, congruous, congruent, correspondent, congenial; harmonious, reconcilable, conformable; in accordance, harmony, or keeping with; at one with, of one mind, of one piece; consistent, compatible, proportionate; in phase.
2. (resulting from agreement) unanimous, agreed on by all hands, carried [by acclamation]. See assent.
3. (being suited) apt, apposite, pat; to the point or purpose; happy, felicitous; adapted, apropos, cut out for, in line with, in place, in tune, made-to-order, in character, appropriate, decorous, seasonable, suitable, meet. Informal, just what the doctor ordered.
4. contracted, agreed; signed, sealed, and delivered.
1. unanimously, with one voice, with one accord, by common consent, in chorus, to a man, without a dissentient voice; as one man, one and all, on all hands.
2. fittingly, to a T.
3. contractually, according to [the terms of] the agreement or contract, as agreed upon.
Prepositions — in agreement with, in line with, in keeping with; together with.
Antonyms, See disagreement, discord.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [The act of agreeing]
Syn. understanding, complying, compromise, assenting, accession, ratifying, authorizing, granting, adjustment, concession, arbitration, mediation, negotiation, bargaining, arrangement, acknowledging, verifying, approving, acceding, endorsing, finding a middle course, find a middle ground, finding common ground, ironing out the difficulties, supporting, concurring, dealing.
Ant. disagreeing*, disrupting, disputing.
2. [The state of being in accord]
Syn. conformity, friendship, accord, accordance, accommodation, congruity, concordance, correspondence, harmony, consensus, concord, unison, concert, common view, understanding, meeting of minds, amity, sympathy, brotherhood, reconciliation, affiliation, d?tente, entente, alliance, intimacy, fellowship, companionship, goodwill, cooperation, satisfaction, concurrence, compliance, fraternity, brotherliness, affinity, rapport, closeness, balance, congruousness, equality, kinship, comity, peace, love, unity, uniformity, union, unanimity, acclimation, conjunction, adjustment, equalization, consonance, tie.
Ant. disagreement*, enmity, disunity.
3. [An expression of agreement, sense 1]
Syn. recognition, assent, approval, concurrence, avowal, confirmation, acknowledgment, adjustment, okay*, reconciliation, compromise, treaty, pact, contract, indenture, bargain, compact, accord, adjudication, covenant, cartel, arrangement, gentleman's agreement, note, writ, oath, affidavit, settlement, stipulation, bond, charter, protocol, convention, codicil, lease, transaction, interchange, exchange, meeting of minds, deal.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. written or oral contract understanding, contract, bargain, deal, covenant, pact, arrangement.
2. harmony, accord conformity, compromise, correspondence, accordance, consensus, accession, understanding, compatibility, uniformity, *meeting of the minds.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun 1. The act or process of accepting: acceptance, acquiescence, assent, consent, nod, yes. Informal: OK. See ACCEPT. 2. The act or state of agreeing or conforming: accordance, chime, conformance, conformation, conformity, congruence, congruity, correspondence, harmonization, harmony, keeping. See AGREE. 3. Harmonious mutual understanding: accord, concord, concordance, concurrence, consonance, harmony, rapport, tune, unity. Idiom: meeting of the minds. See AGREE. 4. An act or state of agreeing between parties regarding a course of action: accord, arrangement, bargain, compact2, deal, pact, understanding. See AGREE. 5. A legally binding arrangement between parties: bond, compact2, contract, convention, covenant, pact. See AGREE. 6. A formal, usually written settlement between nations: accord, concord, convention, pact, treaty. See AGREE, POLITICS.

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